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Your one stop shop for all your residential, commercial and industrial waterproofing requirements in Bedfordview

HMC Waterproofing Bedfordview

Roof Repairs Bedfordview

At HMC works we assist Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients with Roof Repairs and Waterproofing.  A secure roof in Bedfordview is a sound investment. The correct waterproofing plays a crucial role in PROTECTING the life of buildings. There is no alternative to quality products, efficient workmanship and a contractor you can trust. We offer a process which is designed to stop water before it has a change to enter the structure and cause damage. Different surfaces and structures requires particular types of waterproofing systems. Let our team of professionals provide you with an evaluation and address your waterproofing needs.

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Tiled Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Roof Repairs Waterproofing Kempton Park

Concrete Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Roof Repairs Waterproofing Kempton Park

Metal Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Roof Repairs Kempton Park
Roof Repairs Waterproofing Kempton Park

MAINTAIN your roof and save money

Routine Roof maintenance and proper inspections are key elements to extending the life of your roof in Bedfordview. To find and solve minor problems before they become big and costly problems. Big roof leaks damage ceilings, walls, curtains and flooring. Your insurance company will not cover any internal damage to your home until the roof is repaired as the leak was due to lack of maintenance.

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Our SERVICES in Bedfordview

Your roof is your home or office’s protection from outside elements and “crime”. HMC works Bedfordview is a PROFESSIONAL Roofing Contractor Services, we carry our repairs of any kind to tiled roofs, Ibr roofs, concrete roofs and corrugated roofs.  We offer an optimal solution for all your roof repairs and waterproofing requirements.

Residential Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Retail Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Kempton Park

Commercial Repairs

Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Complex Roof Repairs

Roof Painting

Industrial Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Kempton Park

Recreational Buildings

Roof Repairs

Residential Roof Painting

Commercial Roof Painting

Tiled Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Bedfordview

Roof Repairs Waterproofing Kempton Park

Tiled roofs are popular for their durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance required.  However they will develop problems over times that will require repairs. 


At HMC works Bedfordview, our services includes:


  • Replace or Repair broken tiles
  • Recement, repoint and Waterproof the Ridge Tiles
  • Waterproofing entire roof
  • Repair or replace rotten timber
  • Clean valleys and flashing.  Recreate valleys and repairs to flushing
  • Fascia and Barge Boards

Steel/ Metal Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Bedfordview

Roof Waterproofing

At HMC works Bedfordview , our Iron Roof Repair services includes:

  • We check and secure all roof screws.  Replace roof screws and washers where needed
  • Sand down rust affected sections and apply rust neutralizer
  • Replace rusted sheets (that cant be repaired)
  • Waterproof all scres, lap joints, overlaps and flashing.

Concrete Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Bedfordview

Roof Repairs Waterproofing Kempton Park

With flat concrete roofs, the roof structure consists of a concrete slab that is place on top of the walls.  With these roofs leaks normally appear in the following ways:


  • Cracks in the Concrete surface
  • Old roof tar lifting or tearing
  • Torch on waterproofing systems erode through time.

Concrete roofs absorb water like a sponge, therefore the surfaces needs to be waterproofed and regular maintenance is a necessity. A torch on system is used and an aluminium coating for protection from the sun.

Our Suppliers in Bedfordview

HMC works is a Medium Sized professional domestic, commercial and light industrial coating company who enjoys the backing of some of the leading suppliers in South Africa

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No matter what your project entails, we provide turn-key solutions for any size project and have professional teams to provide you with the service you deserve. Our service combines reliability, quality workmanship and value for money. Our aim is to achieve an ongoing business relationship through continuous high standards of work together with a sensible pricing policy.

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Due to the nature of our business we might not always be able to answer your call immediately. Please feel free to send us an on-line quote request or a whatts app to 0711751836

Email is the best way of communication.  We typically answer all emails within 60 minutes.

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    Trusted Roof Repairs & Waterproofing Contractors in Bedfordview

    Are you looking for the best roof specialist in Bedfordview?  Look no further that HMC Work Bedfordview.  We are a well established and experienced roofing company that started in 2008.  Your one stop shop for all your roof repairs, roof maintenance and roof waterproofing requirements in Bedfordview.  Residential, Commercial or Industrial project we assist you every step of the way.  Nearly every property owner will have roofing needs at some point.  Finding reputable professionals to work on your roof can be an exhausting stressful affair.   At HMC Roofs Bedfordview  we believe in supplying honest and quality workmanship, giving our customers assurance that they are in the best hands that the roofing industry can offer. Among our employees, we have worked with every type of roofing material and project out there. We offer an affordable, long lasting and weather resistant roofing solution for Commercial and Residential Clients.

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