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From Family Homes and Townhouse its our duty to satisfy our customers.  Our experience has enable us to add thousands of customers to our growing list of happy property owners.

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We put quality first, we know how important it is to our clients that we provide a professional service from start to finish.  We know that hiring interior painters and inviting them into your home to paint is an act of trust.  Every day, on every job, our interior painters earn the trust of our customers by making sure the painting project is completed correctly, promptly and with minimal interruption for the customer.

We work to ensure your belongings are properly cared for and protected from any paint.  We also make sure all the logistics and time frames work for your schedule.  Wertan Projects is a medium sized, professional home and office coating company that enjoys the backing and accreditation of some of the leading paint manufacturers and coating suppliers in South Africa

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Our InteriorPainting service includes:

Wall Coatings

Wall Coatings

Repars & Renovations

Home Improvements

Steel Painting

Wood Treatments

Interior Painting, entails the inside portions of a house or building.  This will include your rooms, kitchen, living room, corridor, floors, doors, ceilings, window frame etc.  Interior Painting is more that just brushing, rolling and painting a surface.  It is not just a skill, its an art form practiced daily over years by professional painters.  Wertan Projects provides supervision, labor, equipment, tools, supplies and materials for all your interior painting requirements.  It is important to understand that successful painting projects require thorough preparation.  This process ensures that the painting will last longer and look amazing when the work is completed

Choosing the RIGHT company

When you use Wertan Project for an Interior Painting project, you can expect our professional painters to bring the right equipment, do extensive prep work, and execute the job for long lasting results. 

A paint job will NOT last if proper pre-paint preparation techniques are not used.  We dont compromise on preparation or quality products.  In all our quotations we specify the product we will be using. 

Therewith our Interior painting Process

Here we take the necessary steps to protect your flooring, furniture and other items form being damaged.  This includes covering the floor with drop sheets and moving all items to the center of the floor where they are covered by plastic sheeting.  Color consultation is part of this process.

Next, we prepare the walls and ceiling so the final results look as good as new.  This step my include sealing, sanding the surface and filing holes, imperfections and cracks.  Damp proofing is also part of this step.

Now that the rooms are properly prepared, it is time to prime the area that have been repaired and apply the paint with proper tools and techniques.

After the paint has been applied, we remove our materials and then move your furniture and accessories back,  We clean he floor to ensure that the rooms are as clean, if not cleaner than it was before we started.

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Our Painting service includes:

Office Painting

Interior, Exterior & Roof Painters Boksburg

From lighting up a living room to a complete color overhaul, the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on your office is huge. 

Roof Painting

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A Roof Coating protects your roof from the brunt of environmental conditions including sunlight, rain, hail, and wind damage. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can go a long way towards giving your home a whole new look while also keeping it well protected against the elements.

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