Waterproofing for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties.

Roof Repairs Bedfordview


Roof Repairs Bedfordview

A secure roof in is a sound investment. The correct waterproofing plays a crucial role in PROTECTING the life of buildings. There is no alternative to quality products, efficient workmanship and a contractor you can trust. We offer a process which is designed to stop water before it has a change to enter the structure and cause damage. Different surfaces and structures requires particular types of waterproofing systems. Let our team of professionals provide you with an evaluation and address your roofing and waterproofing needs.

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Your Roof  is your home and office’s protection against the outside element and also the “crime” in South Africa.  HMC Works Isando is a PROFESSIONAL Roofing Contractors Service. We carry our repairs to all kind of roofs including tiled, IBR, Concrete and Corrugated Roofs.

Residential Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Repairs to Retail Buildings

Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Commercial Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Tiled Roof Repairs 

Will assist our client with maintenance on Tiled roofs.  We recement and waterproof the ridge tiles.  Professionally and correctly apply waterproofing to repair leaks and eliminate future problems.  Clean Valleys and Flashing and waterproof where needed.

Roof Painting Boksburg
Roof Repairs Allen Grove
Roof Repairs Allen Grove

Steel | Metal Roof Repairs 

Its important to make sure your iron roof is in good condition, free of rust and all screws must be intact. We sand down all rust affected sections and apply rust neutralizer.  All side laps and screws will be waterproofed with a membrane system to ensure no future damage or leaks

Roof Repairs Kempton Park
Roof Repairs Bedfordview

Concrete Roof Repairs 

Concrete roofs absorb water like a sponge, therefore the surfaces needs to be waterproofed and regular maintenance is a necessity. A torch on system is used and an aluminium coating for protection from the sun.

Roof Repairs Bedfordview
Roof Repairs Waterproofing Kempton Park
Roof Repairs

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