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Professional Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Cupboard painting & restoration in Johannesburg. HMC works provides high end kitchen, bedroom, bathroom & furniture spray painting.


HMC works provides the best painting service that will suit all of your painting requirements. Home, Office or Factory, inside and out, we will finish the job on budget and on time.  You can be assured that our highly-skilled painters will provide you expert advice and the best quality service that you deserve wherever you are in Gauteng.   Cabinet painting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform the look and feel of you kitchen, bathroom or business – at a fraction of what it would cost to redo your entire kitchen

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Cupboard Repairs

Kitchen Cupboards

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HMC works is a professional painting contracting service.  Our team of trained kitchen spray painters will turn your old kitchen cupboards into a brand new masterpiece – totally unrecognizable from when we first got our hand on them.  Our goal is to achieve the best results, in the best time, and really bring your home, office of business premises to its full potential

Kitchen Revamps

Cupboard Spray Painting

Spray painting your kitchen cupboards has become a very popular way to improve the ambiance of your home. The process is quick and much more affordable that replacing your existing cupboards doors.


Not only are we able to repaint your old doors, but we can rebuild and restore any of your kitchen doors that are looking worse for wear. 

Cupboard repairs
bedroom cupboards

Bedroom Cupboards

We can give your bedroom cupboards any look you want.  

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Kitchen Cupboard Paint Repray

When you work with us, you have the option of respraying your existing kitchen cupboards with any color you like, in either matte of gloss finish. Spray painting your existing cupboards is the most cost effective solution to improving the look and feel of your kitchen. 

We remove the doors and drawers and spray then in our workshop.  We then spray the exposed carcasses and trimming onsite.

Kitchen Cupboard Renovations

While respraying is slightly more cost-effective, we can rebuild your entire kitchen from scratch. Replacing your old doors with new doors has never been simpler. The advantage of this method is that your doors are literally brand new and can be designed to include various patterns and textures. Renovating your kitchen with new cupboard doors opens up your world to unlimited colors and finish options.

Some of our work

Painting Kitchen Cupboards
Painting Kitchen Cupboards
Painting Kitchen Cupboards
Painting Kitchen Cupboards
Painting Cupboards
Painting Cupboards
Painting Cupboards
Painting Cupboards

About us

AT HMC works we believe in supplying honest and quality workmanship, giving our customer assurance that they are in the best hand that the painting industry can offer.  Among our employees, we have work on every type of painting project out there.  As part of our service we always offer:

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