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Damp proofing specialist for Residential and Commercial damp solutions.  AT HMC works we offer a provisional and complete service to help restore your building and protect it into the future

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We will eliminate the damp, for good.  If you’re frustrated by the damp in your home / office or shop and want it repaired as soon as possible, we’d be happy to assist you.

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Rising Damp

What is the causes and cures for rising damp.  One of the most prevalent types of dampness is rising damp.  Rising damp occurs on the bases of walls.  It moves upwards vertically because the damp proof course that all properties are required to be fitted with is not doing its job and not stopping the moisture from rising.

Dampness reduces the integrity and strength of the structure and creates unhygienic conditions.  DPC or damp-proof course is the main method to reduce dampness in the structure by restricting the entry of moisture in the structure.

From bubbling paint to cracked plaster and even mould, damp appears in many forms and, if inside your home, can have negative effects on your health, and those with lung-related illnesses will be at even more risk. Besides the fact that it looks terrible when outside, damp will erode plaster, saturate the wall and eventually cause damp internally.

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