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Does your business require a new look, repaint or general maintenance.  We provide a premium service with minimal disruption to business.

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Office Painting

Make the right first Impression

More that ever before, businesses are judged by every action in the buyer and seller relationship.  Whether you own and operate buildings to house your business, or lease space to others; a well maintained facade is likely to create a lasting impression that reinforces the qualifications of your organization.

Just like you, Wertan Projects are judged by our actions before, during and after job completion.  Our service guidelines assure fast and respectful interaction throughout a project and beyond Including  On-site procedures, safety, surface preparations, applications, site cleanliness and Employee behaviors.


Choosing the RIGHT Company

You will find a number of Office Painting Companies in Gauteng, and for that, you will need to be keen on finding the perfect one.  The company that you choose must be able to deliver the most ideal service to you.  

We are a top Office Painting Company, which is dedicated to offer the most ideal services to our clients.

6 Reasons why you should choose us:

One thing that we value most in our company is the customer. The customer is the major reason we are carrying out the painting services. We will ensure that our customers are respected and well taken care of by our staff. The staff will listen attentively to your request, and you will be responded in the right manner. You will also receive the response in the shortest time possible. We care about the satisfaction of the client, and for that, you might be asked questions about the quality of the service. We will need to know if you are satisfied, or if you might be having any problem.

One mistake that a number of painting services do is to get the client to sign the contract, and commence the work before explaining to the client about how much they would pay. Nevertheless, we understand how inappropriate it might be to the client. For that reason, we will provide you with the estimate of your office, prior to commencing the job itself. The estimate will be done on the basis of the size of the office, and the type of paint needed. You can enjoy the free estimation online, and you will know how much you would be expecting to pay, prior to beginning the painting process

We value your job, which needs to be as active as possible, and we will ensure that we have you back in operation fast enough. To accomplish this, we normally work within the time of the clients, for that, you will be sure of getting back to your work soon enough. We can work comfortably, as your business is running. We may also decide to work during the weekend, when the office is not as occupied as it would be during the weekends. Technically, we will work according to your timetable, and you will enjoy the flexibility

Experience teaches a lot when it comes to being professional. There must be an experience that is long enough, to ensure you of dealing with a professional. The painter should be able to handle the paint perfectly and they must be accustomed to the painting industry.

Another thing that we always pay attention to, is the ability to educate our clients about Residential Painting.  Other than just painting, we will also advise on how to care for painted walls and surfaces.

Painting is such a vital process that you will need to choose, and for that, you might be compelled to hire a professional painting service. We have super friendly prices, which are also very flexible. We have various packages, which all come in different prices, depending on the details covered. Our prices are quite affordable, but that doesn’t mean that we have poor services. Our services are very elegant, and they are among the best around. We have a range of packages, which helps you choose the preferred selection, according to hour affordability. The best part is that you will know what to pay before commencing the process.

Our Services includes:



Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

exterior damp proofing

Damp proofing

Home Improvements

Office Improvements

Wall Coatings

Wall Coatings

Our Suppliers

We take great pride in our work and our aim is to ensure that we always meet the highest standards.  At Wertan Projects, we only use quality products & materials, backed by our suppliers and the guarantees that they provide on certain products.  Different applications require the use of different products – with our experience, you can be assured that we will use the correct product for the surface and conditions. We only use quality products, and trusted brands such as: Plascon, Dulux, etc.

We have a good relationship with our product suppliers and we do have access to these companies technical departments to ensure that we give our customers the best advice on problem areas

exterior painting

Other Painting services we offier

Interior Painting

interior painting

From lighting up a living room to a complete color overhaul, the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on your home is huge. 

Roof Painting

Roof Painting

A Roof Coating protects your roof from the brunt of environmental conditions including sunlight, rain, hail, and wind damage. 

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can go a long way towards giving your home a whole new look while also keeping it well protected against the elements.

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